The choice of joyful girls! 


“Whether I'm on a trip, or in a nightclub, in the

nature or at the gym, Fashion Girl is always with me!"

The new generation city women complete their final touches with La Monde. 


The common decision of the woman

who tried  La Monde;  

it is the indispensable experience

that leaves at mark in the city... 



With its floral and fresh scents, LA MONDEE series

help you stay energized and refreshed all day!


The choice of confident

and powerful women...

The choice of attractive and shimmering women.

Glamour Shine's charming fragrance with floral and fruity notes will make you shine.

With its elegant design,  MUL fragrances represent bright and noble beauty.

These fragrances are inspired by the grace of women.

A smell that will motivate you even more without feel heaviness in your dynamic life.

Bonveno Series are the choice of men who wants to draw attention and memorable with dazzling summer notes.

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